1. What do you mean by ‘amicable solutions’? 
‘Amicable solutions’ are performed by our professional collectors have several ways to reach a settlement on your outstanding debts. This usually depends on the debtor’s situation, but settlement conversations are always conducted in a respectful manner. Settlements may result in a repayment plan or a deal proposal (i.e. a discount), if the entire amount cannot be paid at once. You can find out more about our debt collection process here.
2. How do I get updates on my case?
In order to obtain updates on your case, we will automatically update the online platform every time an action is taken on the case. When a new update is available, you can simply log in to view the status of your case. You can also message your case handler for an update via the online platform.
3. How long does it take to handle a collection case, on average?
It usually takes about 90 days to handle an amicable collection case. This can vary depending on the communication status with the debtor. If the amicable phase yields no results, we will recommend further action.
4. How does a debtor pay the debt they owe? 
Collections, Inc. is authorized by you to collect the debt when you place a case with us. The debtor will be asked to make payment to the Collections.Inc bank account. We then deduct our fees before making payment to our clients.