1. What fees do you charge on successful collections?
Upon successful collection, our success fee is charged on amounts collected. This fee is dependent on the location of your debtor. An extra 2% commission will be charged on top of the standard collection fee for invoices that are 180+ days overdue. This will also be reflected in your quote which you can retrieve here.
2. If you collect costs and interest, are these returned to us?
We apply costs and interest at the statutory rate based on the debtor’s country’s respective laws. If we collect costs and interest on a domestic case (where the debtor is based in the US), this will be returned to yourselves. However, we retain costs and interest on export cases.
3. Would I be charged if I withdraw a case during the collection process?
If you choose to withdraw a case against our recommendation during the collection process, a withdrawal fee may apply. However, you can choose to close the case at the end of our amicable collection phase at no cost. It usually depends on the case and its status.
4. What costs are associated with legal action?
The timeline and costs of legal action will differ per debtor’s country and the size of the debt. We require a retainer from our clients before sending a case for a legal review. It is your decision to proceed with legal action and thus bear its costs.
5. My debtor made a payment just after I placed a collection case with you. Do I still need to pay the fees? 
Should your debtor make a payment just after you have placed your collection case with us, you are still obligated to pay our collection fees. You become a customer as soon as you place a case with us, and as such our professional collectors start working immediately.