1. What services do you provide?
We have several services that we offer and can be tailored based on your needs. Please click here for more details about our services.
2. How do you recover outstanding debts?
We recover outstanding debts with a number of approaches. These include letters, emails and calls which are used as part of our amicable collection process. The sequence of our letters and calls varies per country, based on Collections.Inc’s experience of what is most effective in the region. We also attempt to find additional information and trace the debtors in order to get in contact. Our first reminder is sent within 48 hours upon receipt of a new collection case. For some countries, we visit the debtor’s premises at an additional expense and if the amicable collection process is not successful, our professional collector will assess the case for legal action. This recommendation is based on the debtor’s financial status, debt age, estimated cost of legal action, available documentation and chance of success. Legal charges are an additional expense. Please click here for more information on our debt collection process.